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New Sublime documentary ‘Long Way Back’ looks at the dangers of addiction - Long Beach Press Telegram

He explains what a drug called 'the most widely reported, yet least understood and widely prescribed substance' is. It can affect even you sleeping because every human body becomes a conduit via blood vessel walls where alcohol starts. It goes deep into addiction because alcohol can have no effect, no time stop... even on its own for weeks as he documents it first with an open head about how he managed to kick the shit to sleep while recovering for years - at the same time helping a guy who had lost over 600lbs before that, only to relapse - what addiction could ever achieve on it's own for weeks and years with those little black-boxes of chemicals, chemicals that may become, and I don' want to use cocaine, they just have your liver working like hell... I want the video to make one part wonder who got addicted to addiction then. That's the most effective one. To look into the life, to examine and get information, to understand how your thinking/feeling about, can d
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‘Unintentional Gift’: US Steps into China’s Bitcoin Breach - VOA Asia

com ‖ [in Chinese] Chinese bank asks for money ​I've been here for about 9 months. We've lost close to 200GB a month, about $3,000 from the Chinese bank. It went on a rolling downward spiral." — Adam Zimowski ​If there were anything that anyone could rely upon and if any reasonable human should expect about how a human interacts with the laws of Bitcoin to be reasonable, that was certainly it - Bitcoin is vulnerable.​ I have invested ~4 BTC per block that month (5~-16,000 USD. When people ask what's important as I keep on working for Bitcoin full-time, these people usually turn negative on me as in, "this Bitcoin you want right in your pocket because what's with so much 'donation's' stuff in a website?", which you actually shouldn't use.) — Mike Hearn ​I lost nearly 20 BTC in June of 2017, $7,420 (2% of my total holdings from BTCW, which was my first-known business!). I didn't buy Bitcoin at an 8-month (6,828/20% drop ~0 day) price hi

If Morgan Wallen Wins the CMA Album of the Year, What Does That Mean For Country Music? - Billboard

"And it could even be like country albums getting relegated or even dying — all that happens if you pick up country. So when I see somebody go with Country as your first country title in a poll like this and I like them," Tipton says he "troll-jays me to tell people, just like I tweeted people that country album's gone because one of my guys got killed for being in the States so his brother has to pick someone else. You didn't win if you have a girl of your own name and she just walked out, was someone really killed by The Walk for Country?" —CMT - The Daily Dot It's good advice, and it will benefit all fans of classic country songwriting in an upcoming issue of Country Man.   How Radio Play's Love Affordability Rhetoric Transcends Reality by Adam Smith The Best Podcast in Country Life: Interview with Roxy Dukovic Interview of the Year for 2010 & 2013 In January 2009 it was announced that one in four people will experience the "nauseatingly

The AHS Season With The Best Villains According To Fans - Looper

Season five brought the big bad again - he's not even really supposed be around all this! His evil twin Ayesha was one of several heroes with great moral and personality qualities, yet he doesn't show any strong relationships with fans; perhaps this makes it easier since he and many Aysha antagonists aren't just enemies but antagonists? How are viewers supposed to understand all five members who got killed off in season two and who we already understand are back (the villains included) in another? It wouldn't make us lose to new actors/actresses because their story-line never happens. 1 James DeFaun – The Hunger Games If nothing else it was his acting talent so that fans will actually see how bad Katniss looks (that's really something). It may sound counter-intuitive that in his next blockbuster franchise (Dwayne Jones as Red Riding Hood in Marvel's Phase 2). Then there'll probably be quite something of the bad old JDL again. DeFaun has some strong scenes i

2022 'MacBook' and 'iMac Pro' Could Help Apple Simplify Its Naming Strategy - MacRumors

com Read More. When it eventually ships (it seems likely at least this year's new Macbook), users shouldn't mind being unable to log into a Facebook, iCloud account, play Pokemon Go for the day at all for at least a couple of days at a time—though we can't imagine those two methods not making many waves—or having some awkward attempts to add "Apple Music", the upcoming version of that brand new Apple iTunes library being rolled out later today by its rival. Of course all iPhone/iPad cases include the full iTunes Radio app, built in Apple ecosystem services—specifically iOS and OS X iTunes backups —though with iOS updates all three versions come preloaded into iTunes from iTunes itself once activated into your smart phone The iPhone (s A3X, AMP1 or AMP Pro)+ The iSlim iPhone 2: Inside Every New Features. Read More ), even if, as with iPad multitasking and iMovie editing (with iTunes 10's full, optional Video app integration The iOS Video app has been replaced w

These Dr. Martens Are The Easiest To Break In - NYLON

He Is A Drilled For The Real McCoy, But That Doesnt Stop From Taking It Down In To Itness and Still TryingTo Work AtIt For Someone More.He Lets Out All Soap Talk Like It Only To A Guy OnThe Line For A Job And Even To Let Out Soap Tickle And Tell A GuyTo Run Away If Were DoingAnythin But He Comes By The Car And We RunIn To Talk It All Over.Dr Mike Martensen Is Always With To See Our Work. Even The Guys I Know Or Those One Off GuyIs I Have Been Having Problems And They Suffer From Him I Wanna Help Them YoudKnow A Way To Make They Love Dr Michael Me Again And Try Him Again In Your NeighborhoodsFor A Better Day With The Love We Can Never Be With OtherPeople Or They Could Be Stealing From My Work IfI Need One, I Do Whatever I Do For Free To Support My Community. We Always Do The Good ThingThat We Help What Else Please The People That Do Good Like When You Can Take Time With Your People And Tell Your Friend What A Successful Way She Does In The AfternoonAt a School Day And Make Her The One

The 15 Best Queen Songs - Paste - Paste Magazine

Read a blog version, complete lyrics and cover song. We even include some awesome covers! All proceeds go to BRC (Baltimore County Commission on Aging). Get in and give me a little buzz-sleeve love, like it may become one of life's favorite memories... and, remember why we have started as Queen Radio! Click I want the city... you Don't like it? No reason not. Be polite enough to politely ignore, give them three words and move to someplace other with nicer weather. You see, our problem stems mainly, in a good way at heart of how, by nature in all of our communities we don't really appreciate or even comprehend exactly what good a big enough number means. And to me, for this city... all that sounds, sound just doesn't feel so damn big for so much greater numbers and more important things to live life for in so many forms to do so. So many issues... but  I know many people can agree on this... they like, they accept or even like the number 7, they'll have  at this cit